Fit in 20 Minutes

This plan lets you reach your fitness goals quickly in a flexible manner.  The workouts are designed to be manageable, sustainable, attainable, and customizable to your schedule and needs!

What I have found through years of personal training is that there’s a need for modification. With pre-made plans, there isn’t any room for improvising certain exercises. The plan may work while they’re at home, but when they go out of town and are without the equipment they usually use for example, they’re left guessing what they should do. If there’s an arm injury and they are looking at a workout that uses their arms, they may skip working out altogether rather than doing a different kind of exercise. When there’s too much guesswork and options aren’t clear, workouts typically fall to the wayside. Unfortunately, this usually leaves people frustrated and leads to a path of feeling guilty, overeating or under-eating in response to their missed workouts, wishing they just knew what to do instead.

The goal of this type exercise format is that it provides clear modifications so that workouts can truly be done anywhere, anytime. Ultimately, this means more consistency, which leads to faster results!

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